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The Partagas Salomon is an exclusive and highly sought-after cigar made by Habanos S.A. It was created specifically for La Casa del Habano (LCDH), which is a chain of high-end cigar stores worldwide that specialize in selling Cuban cigars.

Crafted with well-aged tobaccos and hand rolled in a tapered head and foot, Salomon format, a pinnacle of the arts cigar craftsmanship.

Upon lighting, the Partagas Salomon delivers a rich and complex smoke that is characteristic of Partagas cigars. It starts with a spicy and peppery flavour that is soon balanced by notes of wood, leather, and earth. As the smoke progresses, the flavours intensify, and a sweetness emerges, giving the cigar a smooth and creamy finish.

This cigar is best enjoyed after a hearty meal or with an intense drink, such as a single malt whiskey or a dark rum. This special format is a cigar that demands respect and admiration from both novice and experienced smokers.

Format: Double perfecto

Size: 7¼” x 57 RG

Partagas Salomon

SKU: 4830247032745
C$95.00 Regular Price
C$80.00Sale Price
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