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The Diplomáticos Norteños Cigar was released in 2018 as a Regional Edition for Canada. The production of these Cuban Cigars is limited to only 6,000 in the market, making it an exclusive purchase for any cigar aficionado. Impeccably wrapped within the popular Robusto format, not only do these cigars look pristinely made, they taste great too!

Length: 124mm

Vitola de Galera:Robusto

Ring: 50

The Norteños presents itself with notes of cedar, cream and walnuts - with a touch of sweetness. Diplomáticos, up to this day, is dedicated to handcrafting all its cigars, and continue to use a medium to full, long-filler blends sourced from the renowned Vuelta Abajo region of Cuba, where the most premium tobacco leaves are cultivated. If you ever decide to mature these cigars, we recommend it as it seems to have amazing ageing potential, allowing it to blossom with more complexity.

2018 Diplomáticos Norteños RE: Canada

SKU: 59654324679964
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